Forget PC Nonsense – This is Unacceptable

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August 10, 2020
The facts are exceptionally worrying; we are allowing the UK to be hoodwinked into accepting people who are bending/breaking the rules, putting lives in danger on all sides without thought. Why is the UK such a target for those seeking asylum, why is it seen as so much better than France? I will leave I believe in immigration and the value it brings to our country and many others around the world. However what we are watching unfold in the English Channel is simply not acceptable. The ability and opportunity to seek asylum in a safe country is a basic human right, but that doesn’t include delaying the exercising of that right whilst people travel across multiple safe borders in order to enter the country of their choice. That demonstrates a clear abuse of the aforementioned rights for perceived personal gain.
Those people planning to seek asylum are doing so in order to escape persecution of some form or another in their home country, so why do they not follow the rules and do so in the first safe country they enter. Whilst I wholly understand their desire to settle in the safest, most benevolent and economically strongest place open to them, therein lies the problem. The UK is a relatively small, island nation that is now being stretched to breaking point in terms of its infrastructure and if this is not brought under proper control, our ability to sustain those already in the country will be seriously depleted. Let’s not hide from the truth; we are struggling to build sufficient new homes, schools, hospitals and care homes; our rail infrastructure is in need of a major upgrade and our roads are unable to cope with current demand. Our economy has been seriously damaged by COVID-19 and recovery will be a long battle without the added complexity of people continuously trying to gain illegal entry to the country, tying up resources that could be better utilised elsewhere. I have absolutely no desire to see anybody lose their life trying to cross the world’s busiest shipping lanes, but the UK and France must come together to make these routes totally non-viable.
I physically shuddered this morning whilst listening to a reporter demand that we provide safer, viable routes for those potential asylum seekers currently languishing on the shores of France. Not because I don’t think this is a genuine means by which the situation can be brought under control, but because it should not be open to all of these people otherwise we are just shifting the problem. Cases that are assessed, using the appropriately agreed international and national laws, and asylum or immigration is approved should be allowed to travel to the UK legally and safely, and from there given every assistance to integrate fully into our society. Actually, I think I have probably just recited the spirit of the current legal immigration and asylum processes, so it isn’t really much more than applying them fully and appropriately, rather than just allowing mass illegal immigration. I have little doubt that my latter point will be seen by some as non-PC, but it’s accuracy that all to ponder that question, but most importantly of all, not accepting what is happening must not be seen as an act of racism in any way; my concern is for the people of the UK, irrespective of colour, creed, religion or sexuality. Our island is small and can’t and shouldn’t be expected to carry an unfair share of the burden in this humanitarian crisis. Let’s see greater international cooperation to sort this out together.


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