Is Impeachment The Only Option

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January 13, 2021

I wholly accept that President Trump’s behaviour is for the US government and people to resolve, but the outcome will surely impact the free world. I referred to Mr Trump as “The Kindergarten President” in a blog back in October of last year and I think he has surpassed even that description since then. He is an ignorant, naive and incompetent bully who has shown his true colours, stamping his feet like a small child on losing the election and not only refusing to accept the outcome, but inciting violence by an element of the Republican support that can only be described as unhinged. I have served with American allies in conflict and have many friends in the US; one thing that has always impressed me is their love for and loyalty to their country. Make no mistake, what happened on Capitol Hill will hurt all good Americans, Republican and Democrat alike. They are are a proud people and will have been horrified and deeply saddened at what unfolded.

Here is my real issue. The President will now be impeached for a second time, but this time it is for inciting violence that has left five people dead. Whilst he himself did not participate, his rabble rousing speech to the mob before their assault began drove their actions on; for that, he must be punished appropriately. If you draw a comparison with others who have been convicted of inciting violence resulting in murder, whether intentional or not, for example Charles Manson, their sentences have been understandably severe. In Manson’s case, he served 45 years and rightly died in jail; will President Trump face a similar outcome, or will the impeachment result in some form of political punishment, such as a ban on running for office ever again. That outcome would seem completely unbalanced and unfair. This is the conundrum America faces, will the full force of the law be brought to bear to demonstrate one law for all. or is it acceptable for their President to be dealt with differently, effectively getting away with murder!


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