Born in Scotland, Found in the R Signals – Untapped Potential


Born in Scotland, Found in the R Signals – Untapped Potential, my latest book is a memoir relating to my military service and tells my story between the ages of 15 and 40 years of age. That said, it will ignite memories for thousands of others that have followed a similar path, from obscurity and in some cases, a wasted education, or even petty crime, to a challenging, exciting and high-octane career in the world’s finest Army. This was a career that enabled a shy, lost, and misguided young boy to not only find his way in the world, but to be “the best he could be“. Writing this book touched every emotion, it made me laugh out loud, cry at the loss of family, friends and colleagues, but most of all, it made me realise just how much I owe to my beloved Corps. The experience not only changed my life, it made my life.

The memoir takes the reader on a journey starting out on a building site, explaining what drove my decision to join the Army. From there it follows my career through my time at the Army Apprentice College (AAC), Harrogate which I believe to have been one of the world’s leading training establishments, and describes some of the momentous times I enjoyed as a soldier and officer in the R Signals. I hope the memoir will do justice to a very special period in my life, and serve to demonstrate everything that is unique about a military career. In particular, I want to demonstrate just how much it can do to prepare somebody to re-enter the wider world of employment in a far superior position to that in which they joined the Army. That is the true value of military service.

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