Retirement Or Life Adjustment?

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May 28, 2020

Isn’t it amazing that in the grip of this horrible disease that has claimed so many lives and created so much pain, that positive things are also happening. Maybe I’m just one of those characters that is naturally optimistic, it’s definitely always been one of my traits and in truth, my preferred way to lead my life. As I have grown older I have never felt the attraction of retirement, yet I completely understand why some people want to get over that line as early as possible. The truth is, there is no right or wrong, no one size fits all, we are all individuals and should not try to fit a template; doing what is best for you as an individual is what genuinely matters. I have seen so many colleagues and friends finish very busy, active careers at 55 years of age, take early retirement and be dead within 2 years. I don’t know the cause of this bizarre trend, but I do believe it is dangerous for our mental and physical health to suddenly swing from a hectic, pressurised and often emotionally draining lifestyle, to complete emptiness. For those who want to retire early, I think it makes sense to wind down over a period of time and use the extra time to build a retirement plan. I don’t mean a physical plan necessarily, just define in your heart and mind what will make you and your family happy in retirement and use that to keep yourself on track. I have friends who have been through this with hugely differing outcomes; from what I have witnessed, the guy with a clear, agreed plan which had been discussed and agreed with his/her family usually fares best. These are observations on my part and may be miles off the mark, but if lockdown has done anything for me, and I believe it has, it’s to provide an opportunity to take stock of my life at a key point. Whilst I do not intend to retire for 6-10 years, I now know exactly what matters to me, backed by my family and friends, and how I can adjust my work life balance to ensure I achieve my number one aim, to have fun. I thoroughly recommend this highly therapeutic exercise to everyone and for those that do undertake it, I think it will prove invaluable. Unless you have better things to do in lockdown of course…….


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