The Scourge Of Political Correctness

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May 1, 2020

For a guy of my age (61), I genuinely find the insatiable appetite for political correctness to be almost nauseous. The majority of it serves no purpose whatsoever, other than being truly devisive, often inflamatory and always unhelpful. Additionally, it often paralyses key decision making, simply because the right decision may not be politically acceptable, or the decision maker is terrified of potential reprocussions. In the case of industry, this often culminates in the wrong person getting the job, with a more capable and better suited individual being overlooked as they are seen as a risk. This hasn’t always been a British trait but has gradually built up over the years, driven by some sort of inexplicable need to cleanse ourselves of mistakes and injustices often perpetrated many years in the past, and for which current generations are simply not responsible. I believe if we jointly have the courage to challenge this nonsense, we will build strength back into our national character, improve our levels of respect and care for each other and start to add back the pride of being British. We can never change the bad things that have gone before, they are a factual part of global history, but let us not forget the many good things that we have given the world and celebrate them as a people.
Now to my main point. I have often quoted Robert Burns in this space and his line “A Man’s a Man for A’ That” has a special meaning for me. it simply says that we are all the same, irrespective of sex, colour, religion, sexuality or any other individual difference. That works for me, but I am only too aware that this is not something embraced by all. I have always believed that simple is a good concept, so why not give it a go in our efforts to bring our people together. You will no doubt have gleaned that I am very proud of my heritage, but for absolute clarity, I consider every single human being living within our borders to be British, less those that are simply visiting our shores. #greatbritaintogether


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