The United Kingdom Lacks Unity

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July 9, 2020

Listening to the news this morning, I felt my heart sink when the Scottish Government’s decision to enforce post-holiday self-isolation on returning travellers was announced. Not necessarily because it’s wrong, I’m not qualified to make that call, but simply because it shows yet another deviation in thinking between two members of the UK. Actually, I sometimes think that Nicola Sturgeon focuses her decision making on trying to do the polar opposite to England for her own personal gain.
Whilst I fully appreciate that we have three devolved government’s, I was not aware of the span of control that Nicola Sturgeon’s role appears to enjoy. Perhaps I am being naive, or more likely it has never been fully defined to the general public; from some of the actions she has taken to some of the comments she has made, it is clear that she does not answer to the UK government. Further, she appears to hold our Prime Minister in complete contempt. I have always considered that it was only a matter of time until this type of situation reared its head. The UK government either has seniority and therefore the right to override an individual member country’s decisions, or it does not; there is no half-way house. As I currently interpret things, the Scottish First Minister (not Prime Minister) is overstepping the mark and should be put firmly in her place. I am a very proud Highland Scot, but I am also British and always will be.
Whilst Ms Sturgeon is a committed Scottish Nationalist, which is her absolute right, Scotland is not an independent country. However, unless she is held to account and her role is indeed sub-servient to the UK government, it may as well be. Since Tony Blair and his cronies started the break-up of the Union, I have doubted whether there was a will to try and stop full devolution and in truth, I believe it is now too late. We are all seeing the impact of the individual countries doing their own thing, and the confusion and difficulties that brings. We are weaker as individual nations and always will be; our global position and strength is based on the Union of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, the demise of which seems to be unfolding before our very eyes without any effort to stop or reverse it. Well, one thing is for certain, if we let it occur then there is no way back.


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