Time for Wee Nippy to Nip Off

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March 27, 2021

As a proud Brit and Highland Scot I am dismayed to see that Nicola Sturgeon has managed to hold on to her position as First Minister of Scotland. For a number of years her ineptitude and self-centred focus has driven me mad, but her ability to avoid any form of justice around her actions is truly frustrating. Her constant wittering about Scotland’s desire for independence is also very irritating, particularly as her true aim is little more than an attempt to secure her own legacy as the nationalist that led Scotland out of the Union.

The whole devolution piece has been allowed to go too far and Boris’ lack of control over the wider UK has allowed Nippy to pitch herself way above her pay grade; she is not the Prime Minister of Scotland, that honour lies with Boris and he should have taken an opportunity to put the First Minister straight on that point on several occasions, he chose not to do so. She has blatantly ignored several pieces of direction from central government, making and implementing her own plans in direct contradiction to what she should be doing. Allowing this behaviour simply plays into her hands and whilst I personally believe that Scotland will never vote for independence, Ms Sturgeon seems to revel in contradicting everything that comes out of Westminster.
To my fellow Scots I say, please don’t see my position as lacking in patriotism, there could be nothing further from the truth; Scotland is in my heart and that will never change. I am also very proud to be British and within the world’s greatest Union we have been able to occupy a position of influence that could never have been achieved as an independent country, if only because of our size and limited resources. Just think of what we have achieved as part of the UK and be proud of our tremendous contribution to the world.
I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon will be Scotland’s First Minister come x May, as I believe that despite her cloning on to power the Scottish people have seen right through her. She will probably hang around the SNP like a bad smell, as something tells me there won’t be a place for her in the Alba Party! My advice to her would be it’s time to nip off somewhere, Scotland won’t give you the legacy you so desire. ALBA GU BRATH


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