America Is Burning – Deal With Racism Now!

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June 2, 2020

I think most people accept that Donald Trump is a buffoon who is simply not fit to hold the office of President of the world’s most powerful nation. Sadly, this is a fact that we can not impact, but must hope that the American people remove him at the next opportunity. The issue that I find so repulsive is the ongoing racist treatment of black people across America, and the fact that it is allowed to continue unabated. This has been the case for hundreds of years, and has simply never been addressed directly by the wider American population or state. I have seen this racism at first hand during my military service, where I was attached to an infantry unit that was 97% black; the unit was treated differently and was simply not integrated properly within the formation in which it sat.
The behaviour of the Minneapolis police officers whilst dealing with George Floyd was completely unacceptable, totally over the top and disgusting to watch; a man died for supposedly trying to use a counterfeit $20 note! In what way can that be acceptable to the rest of America. This is a cancer on American society and it must be dealt with now and not pushed back under the radar yet again.
Mr Trump’s contribution so far has been to Tweet incendiary, ridiculous and totally unhelpful comments that most sane people find impossible to attribute to a man in his position. In my view it needs a real leader to deal with and resolve this injustice and lift America’s name out of the gutter. Whether people accept it or not, America has done so much good for the world, they must remove this stain that from their national identity. Only a new President will have the credibility to deal with an issue of such gravity and deliver real and lasting equality across what often claims to be the greatest country on earth, something they will never be unless they show the determination and commitment to put this injustice right once and for all. Come on America, show your true strength.


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