Poems From The Heart – My Starter For Ten


Throughout my life I have found the comfort of words to be enormously helpful, initially in finding a way through the unbearable pain of loss, whether family, friend or even pet. The freedom and ability to express my thoughts has allowed me to say what I was thinking at the time, enabling me to take control of something that can drag you down so quickly and immerse you in a sea of despair from which it can be difficult to escape. Having lost both parents way too early, putting my feelings into words was my way of expressing what they meant to me and helped me deal with the excruciating agony of their passing. I was then able to lean on the same approach when trying to overcome the deaths of friends and colleagues who meant a huge amount to me, some of whom died in the service of their country, some who were brutally murdered by terrorists and some that lost their lives through other causes.

My love of words has always been strong but my passion for writing in all its forms has simply increased with age. In the case of Poetry, I cover a very wide range of topics simply with the aim of raising awareness around the subject and seeking to stir the thoughts of my readers. I want to encourage everyone to be curious, to have a voice and an opinion and to try to help make our world a better place. I have written a collection of 30 poems that I want to share and if my book “Poems From The Heart – My Starter For Ten” brings enjoyment and happiness to those who read it, it will have been worth every second in its creation.

Note: The price includes P&P to mainland UK. International postage outside of the UK on request, please contact.