Energy Crisis – Is It A Crisis?

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March 30, 2023

I am really confused as to why the general public is not being more vocal about the ongoing energy farce.  Whilst the Government is hiding behind the excuse that “Boris has no power to intervene” given his resignation, and neither Liz nor Rishi have the authority, we are being sucked further into this paralysis.  Unsurprisingly, this suits the huge energy producing corporates, who are free to drive their utterly hideous profits to even higher levels at the expense of working people.  This is “Robin Hood” in reverse and for the first time in my life, I am watching the British public just rolling over; worse still, most are simply accepting their totally unjust fate and preparing for the next increase.  News flash, that’s not the behaviour of one of the world’s greatest countries.  Yes, I made the point that we are and always have been a world leader, even if it will horrify the woke campaigners that want to rubbish our achievements, focus on our mistakes, and forget what we have done for the world in case it offends somebody.
Whilst this stalemate seems to suit our current Government and we have an absolutely impotent set of opposition parties, to accept these hardships being forced upon millions of decent, hard working families, is not right.  I believe the Government can and should act NOW.  It may even be an opportunity for a multi-party joint effort to do the right thing for the nation, however unsavoury that may appear to our woeful political leaders.  This isn’t the hugely complex, multi-faceted, globally unbalanced problem they are making it out to be, it’s largely a case of stopping the unacceptable greed of the fuel producing companies to drive their profits still higher.  Why not cap their profit margins at 50%, routing the balancing 50% to the Treasury, to assist our society to overcome this impending catastrophe.  In doing so we can take control of a situation that genuinely threatens the wellbeing and health of our people.  If left unresolved, it will plunge the majority of the population into fuel poverty, which will see unnecessary hardship and loss of life.
For as long as we accept the ineptitude of our political masters, we are complicit in the inevitable outcome.  We are stronger than that as a people, we have and value empathy, and we have the necessary courage to fix this.  It is the responsibility of government to work to manage these situations at a national level, but where they stand idly by, it is the right of the electorate to demand change.  We need to voice our democratic right to demand action now otherwise we are facing unnecessary hardship on an epic scale.  Are you happy to stand by and let this happen?


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