Eurovision Song “Contest”

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May 23, 2021

I have never been shy in coming forward, particularly when it comes to blatant cheating. In truth, I can’t think of many things less interesting than Eurovision and I have always believed it to be something that second rate, largely talentless singers compete in. Nevertheless, it is purported to be a competition and those judging it should do so fairly and without prejudice of any kind. It is, of course, fundamentally undermined by the fact that non-European countries are allowed to compete within it, which is laughable.

What I really despise about this orgy of terrible songs and woeful singers, is the way it has been hijacked as a tool to beat the UK up with. The voting is so anti-British it is almost criminal; we could be represented by Adele or Ed Sheeran and still come last and probably with nul point. Do our former European partners really dislike us that much, solely on the basis that we chose to leave the EU, have they forgotten what we did for them in two World Wars, or is it simply the result of the UK being treated as naughty schoolboys for having the strength to defy their wishes. They should have known that the worst thing to try to do is to bully this nation, we simply don’t allow it; I have little doubt that their attempt to do that probably swung what was a very tight vote in the BREXIT camps favour.
Only history will judge us on whether our choice to leave the EU was the right one, but consider how much further advanced we are on the COVID vaccination programme and there can be no doubt that we are showing them how things should be done. If our major “build back better” initiative succeeds, with the eleven UK Freeports becoming global industrial centres of excellence, and the aligned regeneration and rebalancing work delivers to its potential, I guess our decision will be fully vindicated, what then? The simple truth is that our departure from the EU may well be a blessing in disguise for both parties, where the UK and the EU build an entirely new trade relationship that grows at a level never before achieved throughout history. Does anybody really believe that less freight will be crossing the channel for delivery to continental Europe, I don’t think so.
The fact that the majority of EU, if not all European citizens think that not voting for the UK in this hideously skewed competition is some sort of payback is absolutely tragic. The British spirit is such that losing in a rigged competition is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is clear that that is exactly what happened. They might try something really worrying next time, like voting for us not to deploy our troops to undertake humanitarian missions, or to stand up to the world’s tyrants; but then again, they might then be expected to do more than just make up the numbers. No, it’s far more likely that they would have a recount and retrospectively award us victory in Eurovision, as long as we pick up the deployment!




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