Harry – From Hero To Zero

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August 23, 2021

All my friends know how important maintaining the UK is to me, and my pride in being British. As a Highland Scot I have written several blogs on my opinion of Nicola Sturgeon and the damage she and her party are doing to Scotland, and to what I have always believed to be the greatest Union in history. Throughout my life one of the things that has steadfastly sustained my views is our monarchy and particularly Her Majesty The Queen. I had also held Prince Harry in high regard, impressed by his attempts to lead as normal a life as his privileged position would allow, and particularly by his service to our nation. His selfless dedication to injured comrades, coupled with his inspirational leadership in the creation of the Invictus Games, set him apart from other royals in my view.

How things have changed. The same young man appears to be hell bent on causing the maximum damage to the the Royal Family, but worse still is the contempt he is showing to his Grandmother and everything she has stood for throughout her magnificent reign. His timing could not be worse, given Her Majesty’s recent loss of his Grandfather; it actually appears as if he is deliberately trying to inflict as much pain as possible. This is beyond sad, and it has cost him a special place in the heart of the nation, the nation for which he went to war. Personally, I can never forgive or accept his treacherous behaviour and wouldn’t care if he never returned to the UK; his Grandmother will not be here for ever and I have no doubt that his vicious attacks will eventually take their toll on her health. It is too easy to blame Megan, Harry himself is ultimately responsible for his own behaviour. The shame will live with him for a very long time, and I fear he will forever regret his actions towards his Queen and country.


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