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June 3, 2020

From the start of this pandemic I have been dubious of the various statistics being bandied around, both here in UK and more so across the globe. In fairness, I accepted that the focus probably wasn’t on producing Impeccable statistics but on saving lives in an environment that was new and totally unprecedented in terms of the challenges it presents to the medical services. However, I am at a loss as to how a country such as ours, with our world beating National Health Service, can have the highest COVID-19 death rate in the world. How on earth can that be the case?
Whilst our Government has inevitably made mistakes, have their decisions really impacted the outcomes in a manner that has driven an abject failure within our NHS in their handling of this situation; I just can’t believe that is the case. As a nation we have seen the remarkable commitment, determination and courage of our NHS workers, and we have rightly applauded their efforts on a weekly basis to recognise their sacrifice on our behalf. Given the quality of the care these heroes deliver, the fact that we supposedly have the highest death rate in the world makes absolutely no sense. How on earth can that be the case?
We can evidence some outrageous incompetence from leaders across the globe, where they have taken almost no notice of the pandemic’s spread and undertaken little or no preparation, Brazil being a case in point. Yes, we were slow in several areas but we were never in denial in the way that President Trump was at the outset. Was the PPE crisis really so bad that it drove cross-infection to levels that we were just completely caught out by, it doesn’t seem plausible, particularly as nobody (or very few) actively ran out of PPE. How on earth can that be the case?
There are still lives to be saved and that must remain the national focus, but should the statistics eventually confirm that the UK had the highest COVID-19 death rate, somebody needs to explain to all of us, how on earth can that be the case?


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