Support Your Home Club…..Or Not?

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May 30, 2020

Football has been a huge part of my life and I have always believed that true supporters follow their local club, hence I support Aberdeen FC. I left home 45 years ago and have never returned to Scotland to live due to the jobs I have undertaken over the years; however, my support for the Dons has never wavered, despite a lot of disappointment along the way. I don’t say this to try and gain the moral high ground in any way, but rather to try and understand the logic of a Londoner supporting Manchester United, or, a Wiltshire person supporting Liverpool. It seems to me that this can only be based on a need to be associated with success, as opposed to showing allegiance to your local area and club. Those supporting their local club inevitably understand the local culture, dialect, the history behind the songs, the key people running the club, how it supports the area and what it means to the people. I guess everybody has the right to support their “favourite” club and some may rightly point out that doing so challenges tribal cultures and behaviours from developing. These points could shape a powerful argument, but personally I believe it delivers something quite special when a club sits at the heart of their community, the local people are proud of their club and get right behind it. The club becomes representative of the area, seeks to uphold and enhance local pride, and provides a focus for all good things. I think clubs like Hull City and Wolves are excellent examples of this local support and to be honest, I feel disappointed that I can’t include my own club on the list. I have to accept of course, that some may question my point on local support, particularly given I haven’t been able to attend regular games for such a lengthy period of time and indeed, whether I should now be supporting my “local” club, Swindon Town; I need to give that some thought. Stand Free


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