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April 27, 2021

I can hardly believe the recent furore over the news that David Cameron and other ex-MP’s have been accused of lobbying former colleagues. It’s neither new nor illegal, given the rules are followed and yes, such rules actually exist; in fact they were largely written by then PM, David Cameron. Yes, I agree but let’s not go there.

What concerns me much more than the predictable antics of ex-PM’s is the lobbying that goes on where big businesses are drawn to certain characters, often from the House of Lords, who have one goal and that is to line their own pockets. The fact that many of these individuals have nothing to offer other than political hearsay, albeit current, is infuriating and shows a total lack of integrity on their side. I’m not claiming that industry is above criticism in certain instances, but as I pointed out previously, lobbying isn’t illegal. However, a fair number of those that are approachable are only to happy to ensure it is over lunch or dinner, where the most difficult decision they make is which Champagne they want to accompany the meal. Quite frankly, I find these people nauseating and that is compounded further by the fact that none of them truly care about the subject on which they are being lobbied; if their interest was borne from a genuine desire to see the right outcome for the country, the public or simply because it is the right thing to do, then I would have no issues with the practice whatsoever. It’s the personal greed so often associated with the activity that irritates me.
There needs to be clear rules around the practice of lobbying and they must be totally unambiguous, based on open, honest and transparent behaviours that are legally enforceable. Preventing the parasitic few from benefiting monetarily or otherwise should be the focus, whilst trying to support and encourage the parties to work together for the purpose of achieving the best outcomes for our country and its citizens. Or. am I simply expecting too much from those already fleecing the country from position


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