The Open Door Policy Costs Lives

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June 19, 2020

Yet another day where we have to reflect on the brutal, senseless slaughter of innocents. Murdered in cold blood by someone we welcomed into our country and embraced within our multicultural society; why on earth did he come here in the first instance other than to commit this act of terrorism.
I embrace immigration as a genuine need without which our country would struggle to deliver the resources required to maintain and grow our economy. Immigrants want to come to the UK in most cases to build a better future for themselves and their families, which any decent human being would understand and support, but it is regulated so poorly it puts us all in danger. I know and understand how difficult it is to screen potential immigrants from all over the world, but there is an absolute need to protect the people of the UK, and by that I refer to all law abiding, legally present members of our society. I believe there are simply too many instances of convicted criminals, including those who have committed absolutely heinous crimes, inadequately screened potential terrorists and unacceptable asylum cases that get through our intolerably weak system. Whenever this problem is raised the snowflakes amongst us will immediately try to point the finger of racism, lack of care, failure to do our global duty and so forth at us, but that is simply nonsense. All UK citizens deserve to be safe, to be able to sit in the park on a sunny day without fear of being randomly attacked and killed; I am personally convinced that all members of our society would support this view.
The people of the UK, yes all of us, want to support immigration but only when it is properly managed, with the appropriate checks being undertaken so that criminals, potential terrorists and those with shambolic asylum claims do not gain entry to our country. With such checks and processes in place we can focus on pulling our communities together to build a stronger, safer, more tolerant and more inclusive society.


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