Let Children Be Children – For Their Sake!

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June 27, 2023

I am a father, family man and someone who just wants to try and do good things; I also happen to be a children’s author.  The reason for the latter is because I love kids.

There are times when my heart sinks to hear the absolute nonsense being spoken about gender identification in relation to children, and particularly those that simply should not be burdened by the subject.  What really grates with me is that it’s the teaching staff, their leadership, and the slightly lunatic “Woke” let’s make change for change sake group that is foisting this on our kids. Filling their little heads with silly pronouns, unnecessary and completely inappropriate sex education at ages where their focus should be on just being kids.  Let’s be very honest about this, our kids below the age of 8 are highly unlikely to even have a view on these issues, beyond giggling at the mention of the subject.  They have such reactions because they are children.  

What possible benefit is it to allow a child to identify as a cat, a dinosaur, or the moon!  It’s ridiculous, full stop.  Gender fluidity, whether I accept the concept or not, may have a place in education, but certainly not before the age of 14, as a minimum.  This now brings me to the crux of my concern, in that the decision making cycle that facilitates the inclusion of such complete rubbish within a school curriculum is totally flawed and must be addressed at the highest levels in the land.  I applaud PM Sunak for his clear condemnation of these issues and commitment to deal with them accordingly.  What terrifies me personally, is the seemingly unopposed acceptance of this poisoning of young minds by people who should know better.  The very people that are charged with protecting them, guarding them against exploitation, and delivering the best, most suitable education they can offer. Why are so many of those in the teaching profession prepared to support this completely unnecessary delivery to our children; I am pretty sure that my own teachers would rather have quit than potentially rob pupils of their innocence and childhood.

Interestingly, I heard today that some of the children I am trying to protect against this madness have been caught in an argument with a teacher; in this instance, the children were arguing that human beings are born into either a male or female gender.  The teacher was stating that this was factually incorrect, please!  The pretence that not accepting the teachers view would somehow impact the children’s ability to accept transgender people in later life, as adults, is condescending, arrogant and simply wrong.  The truth is, they will deal with these life issues and make informed choices at a more appropriate time in their lives.  I would also say that imparting these messages to young children will inevitably confuse some of them, whilst potentially damaging others, even to the point where it could literally ruin their lives.  Is this a price any parent is prepared to pay?

Not to challenge and overturn this man-made monstrosity equates to cowardice and/or disinterest , something I have never dreamt of saying in the context of British parents.  To sit back and allow these woke people to get away with what they, very much the minority, are going is deeply worrying.  They are glibly changing history to suit their needs, not those of our children and future academics, who must be allowed access to the truth or how can they ever learn the facts, warts and all.  To establish how to make the world a better place, you need a deep understanding of what we have done wrong.  A sad, but very telling example of this is in regard to racism.  Tearing down statues and attempting to erase history serves no purpose whatsoever.  As white British people, our ancestors are guilty of heinous crimes against humanity in this space; fact.  From a learning standpoint, we came to not only realise this but, much more importantly, to play a pivotal global role in abolishing it for ever.  What would have happened if we had hidden these atrocities or failed to learn from them?  These lessons are still crucial and must be shared.  To be clear, there are so many similar historical events, from the persecution of the Clan MacGregor over a 171 year period in the Highlands of Scotland, to the human tragedy perpetrated in the name of the German people by the world’s worst monster, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. Could the world ever support the removal of such lessons from history.  I would hope not, because that particular lesson is still some way from being learned.

So, my ask is simple.  Don’t allow this minority of weak, woke and in my opinion, highly dangerous individuals, to have their own way.  An amended version of history, redaction of our literary works, removal of statues from our past, and all of the related things, such as placing a totally worthless burden, and delivery of disgusting soft porn to our most precious assets, our children is nothing short of criminal.  Let’s stop this now and for all, show our kids the love, care, and respect they so richly deserve.

Woke culture is an ‘identity obsessed’ movement ‘fundamentally opposed’ to free speech”

Think carefully about the above fact, wars have started because of this type of oppression.

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  1. Michael Hearn

    Hello George. Good luck with the extended blog and I am sure others will pop up with more comments.

    The culture you refer to is unfortunately a pandemic itself within UK public sector offices and institutions and I do agree that it is wholly out of sync with reality; purely in my view. I say this not in the context of children (I will come back to that), but of how this approach makes the world look at us in Britain. I am well travelled and have visited many countries who look upon the UK fondly and so they should, but we have been sucked into some kind of corrective own goal here that suits the ambitions of others to undermine the UK. This woke (not a good word) based approach to behaviour and compulsory acceptance reinforces the position which undermines our overall social and economic disadvantage to the advantage of others. I would call on politicians to reflect on this and adopt a healthy dose of common sense in policy but I doubt it will change.

    Turning back to children and the impact on them, it is unfortunately an indoctrination that I, as a parent of a very young child myself, will stand up to. Quotes and cliches abound in life and we all have our favourites and I will finish using one unashamedly and to be honest, I dont know who said it but it is appropriate. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”

    Children are our future as you know and without giving them every possible opportunity of success (through reality as well as nurture), we just build them up to fail when facing severe competition in any form, whether sport or dare I say it, warfare.

    All the very best to you as always.


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