Sexual Predators in Westminster

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June 13, 2023
Sexual Predators in Westminster

I listened in complete disbelief and abject dismay as the news reporter explained how a redacted list of MPs is produced in Westminster, and circulated to newly appointed female members.  The list is apparently comprised of known sexual predators within Parliament, whom the said female MPs or staff are warned to avoid, or risk unwanted attention.  Having repeated this disgusting story, it is hard to stomach the fact that I am talking about the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom, and the behaviours of those elected to the highest office in the land.  Those on this list are there to represent us, the UK public!

Whether one believes the often inaccurate reporting of our national press or not, the existence of such a list is worthy of a police led investigation.  Moreover, should the list be proven to exist, every name on it should be subjected to the most stringent of criminal investigations.  If any of these people were to be found guilty of this totally unacceptable, abhorrent, and perverted behaviour then the only outcome must be jail time.  We cannot accept that elected politician’s acting in our name are misusing their position to prowl the corridors of power as sexual deviants, wantonly assaulting other members, whatever their gender.  If we do not insist this be followed up, then we are complicit in this activity.

I have regularly commented on my disgust at the antics and gutter level behaviour of some of our politicians, but realise and accept that most of my concerns don’t amount to law-breaking.  In this situation, it absolutely does and I believe that it would be completely wrong to allow this to be swept under the carpet.  Our elected politicians may choose to adopt some dubious behaviours, and that is one thing, but committing criminal acts whilst hiding in plain sight is something that sits way beyond  that line.  Just why anybody would create a list of perverts and make an attempt to redact it is beyond me, surely the correct course of action would be to simply hand it to the police, but that is another matter which should feature in the subsequent case.  The reality must be fully investigated and if proven, punished using the full powers of the law.  This really is a NOT IN MY NAME scenario.


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