The Only Way to Beat Racism is Together

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June 13, 2023
The Only Way to Beat Racism is Together

In life, there is only one thing to which I would genuinely attach the word “hate” and that is racism.  I avoid the word because of its toxicity, but having lived my life believing all men are equal, I am beginning to think we will never rid the world of this evil.  I cannot truthfully say that I expect racism to be eradicated any time soon, nor can I say that I believe that it has even got close in my lifetime.  The one thing that could achieve this dream, is a totally committed world in which all of mankind pursues the same common aim and that is being prevented by so many religions, cultures, ingrained beliefs, and national differences.

People are generally too scared to speak about what underpins some of the negativity that prevents real progress.  Things, such as the belief held by some, that racism is a black versus white issue in its totality, which is utter nonsense.  The view that people alive today could be in any way complicit in horrific crimes of the past, such as slavery, is both absurd and preposterous.  No living person of any colour was present during that period, and whilst it will be a stain on our history for ever, it is in the past where it must remain, or it will be a barrier to progress forever.

 I am a white, British male, who is also a proud Highland Scot.  My ancestors were MacGregor’s and a story named “The Children of the Mist” tells of a period of 171 years (1603-1774) in Scottish history during which, if a MacGregor (or anyone using the name) was apprehended by Government (English) troops, or Scots loyal to the English Throne, beheading the captive and payment of a bounty was enabled by law.  Some years later, the Highland clearances were carried out with the blessing of the British Crown, resulting in many thousands being forcibly removed from their homes and transported to the New World, including America and Australia.  I would describe such action as both racist and sociopathic, and that was white on white.  Do I hate English people?  Of course not, nor do I wish to see constant reference to what “they” did to “us”, what would that achieve other than another angle through which to channel more hatred!  No normal, intellectually sound, caring human being would support that.

What I really want to unravel is whether it may suit some agendas to continually propagate hateful thinking for the purpose of self-promotion.  Certain individuals lead me to conclude that is indeed the case.  Modern Britain is amongst the most diverse, welcoming, and multi-cultural society’s in the world, yet we appear to struggle to get true recognition of where we are, and how far we have come in terms of genuine change.  Yes, we were very prominent during the horrific slavery era, but please also recognise that we led the world in its abolition, which doesn’t excuse our action, but shows we learned from it.  As did the German people from the atrocities committed in their name by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.

Without forgiveness we will never rid our beautiful world from the totally man-made evil of racism and that is what disappoints me most, resolution is in our own hands.  Why, in a world in which we have already witnessed the worst of what mankind has done to others of their own race, do we need any further incentive to end this stupidity.  We all know that the colour of a person’s skin has absolutely no bearing on their value as a person, or to their humanity.  We are all the same colour on the inside and the colour of the blood that supports us all throughout our lives is red, therein lies the truth; we are one race, the human race!  


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