Time for Britain to be Great Again

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July 7, 2022

For half of my adult life, I was required to take an A-political position due to my military service, with which I had no concerns.  Since retirement, I have always tried to do my public duty and cast a vote in the various elections, whether national or local, to ensure that I was engaged in the selection of the government of the day.  On several occasions I have publicly stated my astonishment at the lack of leadership, low moral standards, and at times, appalling behaviour of some politicians.  For clarity, I am not placing these accusations at the door of a single party, but rather across all of the parties.


I felt quite nauseous listening to all the back slapping amongst Tory MP’s as Boris finally accepted he had been completely found out and resigned.  He hasn’t just become a liar, it’s a compulsion with him, one lie after another throughout his premiership; but don’t lay all the blame at his door, the others are all complicit, and went along with his fabrication.  Who actually challenged him, which Cabinet Minister fell on his/her sword?  Nobody, they simply did what was necessary to cover their own lack of moral fibre, consistently failing to demonstrate even the most basic levels of common decency and commitment to truth.  Of course, once Rishi and Sajid decided to save their own skin, the rest caved in like the self-obsessed group of narcissists they are, like rats deserting a sinking ship.


As they stood around following his resignation, one after the other stated that his knowledge of the Deputy Chief Whip’s shortcomings had been “the final straw”.   So, it was clearly acceptable to lie to the public repeatedly, but completely unacceptable to lie to them; what total nonsense.  In many ways, the home of British democracy has slowly and steadily descended into a cesspit of dishonesty, underhand behaviour, and sexual deviation.  How can a country as great as ours accept this misrepresentation of everything we stand for?  I for one would like to see a complete review into every aspect of governmental and ministerial behaviours, seeking to drive out this undercurrent of sleaze, lies and deceit once and for all.  The selection process for public office needs to improve, they need to set the very highest standards, or, face the full force of the law if found to be in breach.  Most of all, we need to bring politics into the 21st century, with no place for a long outdated “jobs for the boys” culture, or people who genuinely lack competence and credibility.


Let’s take our time to select an appropriate replacement for Boris, we should not rush.  Although high calibre candidates may be thin on the ground, we need a “great Britain” to be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  He or she is out there, let’s make sure we find them!


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